Private Cardiology
Debrecen, Hungary

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Emil Bod M.D.chief cardiologist

Emil Bod M.D.chief cardiologist

 Cardiology private practice in Debrecen, Hungary

Debrecen, Lehel u. 22.
Hatvani István Gyógyszertár és Egészségközpont
+36 30 347 09 61
Welcome to the website of cardiology private practice! We have several decades of professional experience in cardiology and waiting for you in our well-equipped cardiac clinic. Debrecen private practice cardiology center with good parking facilities
Cardiology private pratice Cardiac test Debrecen private practice cardiology
All heart diseases
Coronary artery disease
Myocardial Diseases
Heart valve diseases
Hypertension, high cholesterol diagnosis and treatment
Cardiac risk screening
Manager screening
  • ECG evaluation and preparation
  • Echocardiography with state of the art machine
  • Holter (24 hour ECG) monitoring
  • ABPM (24-hour blood pressure) monitoring
If you have chest pain, rapid or irregular heartbeat, disordered sensation, shortness of breath, ankle swelling, hypertension. Follow-up examination if you are after heart attack or heart surgery.
If any kind of heart disease or early cardiac death occurred in your family. In case of increased stress or you are subjected to intense sports then it is very important to perform proper cardiac health check and screening for any possible heart disease risk factors.
 Cardiology investigation prices

Detailed patient examination for the first time with ECG: 10.000 Ft

Control examination (within 3 months): 8.000 Ft

Echocardiography with state of the art machine: 12.000 Ft

Control echocardiography: 7.000 Ft

Holter (24 hour ECG) monitoring: 14.000 Ft

ABPM (24-hour blood pressure) monitoring: 10.000 Ft

Exercise ECG: 14.000 Ft

Packages of Cardiac Manager screenings:

1. package: Medical examination, Rest ECG, Heart ultrasound: 20.000 Ft

2. package: Medical examination, Rest ECG, Heart ultrasound, Holter/24-hour ECG monitoring/: 29.000 Ft

3. package: Medical examination, Rest ECG, Heart ultrasound and Stress ECG : 29.000 Ft

4. package: Medical examination, Rest ECG ,Heart ultrasound, Holter monitoring and Stress ECG : 39.000 Ft

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Telephone: +36 30 347 09 61

Cardiac Clinic
4032 Debrecen
Lehel u. 22.
Hatvani István Gyógyszertár és Egészségközpont

Dr. Bod Emil kardiológus foorvos
Somogyi Gyuláné kardiológiai szakasszisztens
Dr.Emil Bod
Specialist in Cardiology
and Internal Medicine
Somogyi Gyuláné
Chief assistant
in Cardiology


Private Cardiology, Debrecen, Hungary - Emil Bod M.D.chief cardiologist, +36 30 347 09 61